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Why intergator?

interface projects GmbH is a leading German company offering enterprise search and knowledge management solutions, based on its own product intergator.

Your advantages

intergator does not deliver a basic full text search listing thousands of hits. intergator brings a friendly, social and extremely efficient tool to your desktop and allows you to navigate in the results, to limit or extend these upon your needs. intergator does even more! From an intelligent keyword search, intergator expands this query and provides powerful and satisfying algorithms, interrelations and social media monitoring solutions.

Information security and privacy
Scalability and performance
Personalisation and usability
Cost effectiveness and productivity

Customer reviews

“The creativity of our researchers is also reflected in the different filing models. We are happy to agree with inter:gator a solution in the hand with which we can do justice on the one hand to this individuality,and on the other hand to handle comfortably the related dispersion about several file servers and sources in the Intranet and Internet. inter:gator is well accepted because of its user friendliness. That’s why research facilities should have a look on inter:gator!”

Jürgen Pabst

IT-Manager of the Fraunhofer IKTS.

"We used the Search Appliance from inter:gator within global eCollaboration-solutions in commercial-critical areas of Kühne + Nagel. inter:gator has successfully competeted in a Proof of Concept and we are very contented with the product, quality and response time of the technical support, as well as the personal contact.”

Alwin Lösche

Project Manager Internet / Intranet Solutions

“intergator Enterprise Search is for us the ideal solution in order to reduce unnecessary, time-consuming search to a minimum and to provide our experts with quick and comprehensive required knowledge.”

Albrecht Mayer

Project Manager at TÜV SÜD

“The performance, flexibility and scalability in terms of additional data sources lead to a very high level of acceptance within the company. With intergator we have realized two strategic issues: firstly, the Intranet search and other Internet search for more than eight portals of the Bitburger Brewery Group. Studies have shown that the searches have increased significantly after the introduction of the technology. We are pleased to use Enterprise Search intergator in the future also for other IT solutions for the Bitburger Brewery Group.“

Uwe Siller

Head of IT & ORG

“Beside the efficient search in particular the ability from interface:projects has persuaded us, to implement even the most difficult tasks, like the integration of a proprietary document management system based on a database. This ability as well as the facet search, which is adaptable by our wishes, has led to the fact that inter:gator is positioned in the BMI meanwhile as a central search for possibly all electronic information.”

Marcus Klein

Federal Ministry of the Interior

"We use inter:gator as a searching machine and in form of a personal dashboard in the Intranet. Both provide an everyday aid in our Social Intranet scenery, consisting of various Wikis, SharePoints and CMS. The product could assert itself 2008 in a Proof of Concept. Since here the service provider interface:projects has proved itself as reliable and service-oriented. Our exceptionally IT-affine employees praise the intuitive usability in spite of the high functional extent; our management is pleased with the simplistic collaboration and re-use of the internal knowledge. I am sure that inter:gator is an essential stone of our success”

T-Systems MMS

ACIS Management Team

intergator Middle East Asia Represantative Office

Nabil Azar

Managing Director

Dr. Uwe Crenze has an extensive experience in IT since 1978. After his studies in data processing and information technology, he received his doctorate in simulation of high-integrated circuits in 1987. Mr. Crenze worked as a software developer, technical adviser and project manager. He is now the executive officer of the interface projects GmbH.

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