intergator Appliance

intergator Enterprise Search is as an appliance an optimal solution for customers, who want to ensure a maximum in performance at minimal integration overhead. In all, the intergator appliance provides the following advantages:

  • Optimal system configuration for an efficient search solution
  • The user keeps consultation, direct sale and support from the manufacturer.
  • Simple integration in the existing IT-infrastructure

The intergator Appliance is available in the following variations of delivery:

  intergator mini
intergator Appliance
intergator Trusted Search Appliance
  • Website Search
  • Intranet Search (for SMB)
  • Social Intranet
  • Index Replikation in Enterprise Search Cluster
  • Enterprise Search
  • Social Intranet
  • Content Analytics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Search for documents with a higher confidentiality level
  • Information Management Compliance
Collection up to 300.000 up to 50.000.000 up to 10.000.000
Hardware Form Factor 18 x 17,5 cm 1 Unit-Rack System 1 Unit-Rack System
Standard Clients yes yes yes
Content from 3rd Party Feeds unlimited unlimited unlimited
Clustering yes yes yes
Connectors over 100 standard connectors,
no 3rd party connectors
Support guaranteed by the manufacture guaranteed by the manufacture guaranteed by the manufacture

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