Social Dashboard

The intergator Social Dashboard is an individual unique tailor-made interface capturing all source of information needed.

No need to always start a new search, your search queries are automatically saved. intergator retrieves proactively and permanently new information related to your search queries.

The added value of individual and business process oriented supply with latest news is a decisive factor for intranet solutions. Using the new intergator Social Dashboard, this aim can be realized much faster than with classic portals.


Fundament of the intergator Social Dashboard is a search throughout various systems. Results of preconfigurable search requests will be shown in free placeable apps on the dashboard. Possible filters and combinations give room for specific views on all available information: for example, all documents published by a workgroup during the last 5 days can be shown in one app.

Hereby it does not matter, where these documents have been stored. intergator indexes databases, file servers, Microsoft Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, Wikis, Blogs, DMS, ERPs, CRMs as well as users’ email account. By log in via Single Sign-On at the Social Dashboard, all rights of access are considered when you get presented search results.

The search-based presentation of business information is completed by particular InfoApps, which can show rss-feeds, inputs on blog-posts and wikipages in real-time or contain links as navigation to relevant areas of the intranet. The choice of apps can be administered centrally.

Find with the optional component Expert Finder the most specified employees within your organization or search with the Navigator in your internal information assets and with the help of a hyperbolic tree.


  • Satisfaction of employee-specific needs of information about a personalized Intranet homepage with InfoApps (for example, RSS-Feed, Wiki News, Bookmarks, Links).
  • Customised InfoApps can be administered centrally in the Dashboard-Editor
  • Assignment of writing rights and/or reading rights for personal Dashboard ages for other users
  • Avoidance of duplication of work by sharing and read along of information
  • Developing Important efficiently for optimizing decision-making processes
  • Evaluate the right contact person with the Expert Finder
  • Exploratory search perspective with the Navigator

Application Areas

  • Business Intelligence
  • Search – based information portal with collaborative applications
  • Employee Search
  • Semantic visualization of search results
  • Platform for Knowledge Management and Analytics solutions