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Who we are...

ACIS IT was founded with the aim to provide and represent world-class IT &Technological solutions, services .
ACIS IT believes in delivering the right solution with the right attitude for quality in order to achieve its customer's satisfaction.
ACIS stands for competence, commitment and achievement.

intergator Middle East Asia

Representative Office

intergator MEA / ACIS

Ibn Batuta Gate Building

Ibn Battuta Building Office 203E | P.O. Box: 392177

Dubai, UAE


Nabil Azar
Head of MEA Region

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We Achieve…

ACIS ‘s multilingual & highly skilled team work hard to render & support our customers where technology makes life simpler and where their businesses rely on our solutions to achieve growth ,advancement & overall efficiency

Our Product

intergator is an intelligent search engine, knowledge management and analytics platform from interface projects GmbH, a leading German company offering enterprise search and knowledge management solutions. Users can access to their favorite or most useful flow of information inside and outside their organization at their fingertips. intergator social dashboard is more than just a universal search tool, it is a personalized interface tailored to share information with colleagues, to monitor company processes or responsibilities, i.e. for customer service purposes.

Why intergator Enterprise Search?

intergator does not deliver a basic full text search listing thousands of hits. intergator brings a friendly, social and extremely efficient tool to your desktop and allows you to navigate in the results, to limit or extend these upon your needs. intergator does even more! From an intelligent keyword search, intergator expands this query and provides powerful and satisfying algorithms, interrelations and social media monitoring solutions.

Entities belonging to the interface:

interface:projects from Dresden, Germany

interface:projects at a glance

Date established 1993, Dresden

Industry / Business Segments 

  • Enterprise Search
  • Knowledge Management
  • Content Analytics
  • Business processes support
  • Enterprise 2.0

intergator Enterprise Search

Client base
Over 200 customers are currently using intergator Enterprise Search
Over 300 OEM customers

Zwinglistraße 11/13
01277 Dresden (Saxony)